L.I.T. Star

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Wow nearly two years since I last updated this… I blame college work, others may blame laziness! ūüôā

Some snaps from the recent LIT Star, held in L.I.T.



Random photo’s from last year..

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Just going through my photo’s, found a few I had forgotten about… taken in Dolan’s Upstairs, which is a very dark venue, not good for non flash photography but you gotta try! Click for better quality..

Herm - Dolans Upstairs - August 2009

Herm - Dolans Upstairs - August 2009

Herm - Dolans Upstairs - August 2009

Herm - Dolans Upstairs - August 2009

Happy New Year!

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Chilled out.. That’s how I’m feeling now.

Christmas is just over, looking forward to getting off my ass and getting fit again. On the band front, Damien’s been in Canada for a little holiday and played New Years night at the Rok Boutique, which no doubt ended up as a serious session!!

We’re writing new material at the moment, working with some good people on new demo tracks, deciding on which is the best way to move forward music wise.

Interesting times ahead!

Indieweek ’08 cont’d…

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“Dats… the bhoys.. now!!”

The Irish Showcase was last night and as soon as the Danny at the Hideout started taking out the “plank” with the whiskey shots on it, you knew it was¬†going to be a seriously crazy night. The night was a great success, with¬†Maslow, Walter Mitty and the Realists and¬†Fred all putting in absolutely¬†storming sets. I have video footage of each band that I’ll put online when we get home.¬†

For us, Vesta Varro, to get the reaction we got was fantastic. Maybe it was to do with¬†the free bottles of Jager that were also¬†being handed around, but for me it was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve ever played. With a guest appearance from Connor from “The Mitty”¬†on egg shaker and vocals, the vibe and buzz there last night was amazing. A serious thank you to everyone who came out to support¬†us and¬†the rest of the bands, definitely¬†making our 4th time here one of the¬†most memorable.

Our show in the Rivoli for Moove.ca on Thursday was another great night, with some great music and a serious amount of cash was raised for the Farm Sanctuary, it was a show that we were delighted to be involved in. Thank you Yvette for having us.

Following that, it was¬†another late night at the Rok Boutique with Dawn, Tracy and co, who have helped us stay in the¬†stereotypical “Irish Lads on Tour” mode for much of the duration of this trip.¬†

Tonight¬†for Vesta Varro it’s an¬†interview and live session on The¬†Edge¬†radio station, one of the biggest rock stations in Canada, so to say we’re¬†enjoying our trip would be a bit of an understatement!

That’s all for now…¬†back to bed for an hour!

Indieweek ’08. The story so far…

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So… we’re here, the jager has started to flow and the Irish bands in town are already starting to make a name for themselves. Maslow kicked off the festivities early with a storming gig in the Rok Boutique on Sat 4th. Walter Mitty and the Realists and Corkonians¬†Fred really turned some heads with their sets in the the same venue at the VIP¬†launch on the 7th. Another gig at¬†Tattoo for ourselves and Fred,¬†along with ballsy¬†Canadian¬†rockers¬†Saigon¬†Hookers and¬†a great new discovery for me, The Dunes finished off the second night¬†of¬†proceedings, with a last minute impromptu show by the one and only Larry Bagby¬†the cherry on top!

For pictures of everything that’s happening, go to our Facebook and various band members facebooks.. be quick though, some might not last that long for different reasons!! ūüėČ Link to pics

Today is the “Meet the Irish” party at PJ O’Briens and the Moove.ca Benefit For Animals is later at the Rivoli.

Will keep you updated….

Toronto tomorrow!!

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Vesta Varro

Vesta Varro

Tomorrow is Canada. Hopefully we’ll meet some of the lunatics we’ve met over our last three trips, and even meet some new ones. All our gig listings are on our myspace page at www.myspace.com/vestavarro .

I’ll try and keep this and our web pages updated with our goings on, so keep it here…


16th September 2008

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Upstairs in Dolans

Upstairs in Dolans

Ok so… The mini Irish/pre Canada tour has kicked off, with Electric Avenue in Waterford, The Underground in Tipp Town and Dolans Upstairs in Limerick all behind us, and gigs with Fred in Roisin Dubh, Galway this Friday and then a headline show in Cleeres Theatre in Kilkenny on the Sat, we’re slowly getting ourselves in shape for Canada. One of the highlights was getting to air a couple of new songs live for the first time in ages, hopefully something we’ll be able to do more of over the next few weeks.

Some pictures from the Dolan’s gig can be seen here, thanks to Limerick photographer Matt McKnight.

The great support over the last few gigs was from Tipp band Maslow, Limerick singer/songwriter Maca and Waterford’s Shane Barry and the Distractions.

Looks like we’ll be in Toronto from the 7th Oct-13th Oct for Indie Week ’08, a relatively short stay compared to our last few visits but we’re still playing four shows and doing numerous radio interviews so we’ll be fairly busy.

Once we’re home, work begins in earnest on writing new material, which hopefully will find it’s way onto album number two!

That is all from my infrequent and sporadic posts for now, until my next one of course.